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Student Clubs

Members of Sigma Epsilon, one of 70 70 different fraternities and sororities on campus

It's time to get involved! Take part in UC Davis' active student lifestyle. We're proud of the many opportunities our campus provides for students to develop leadership skills and provide real service to the community. You'll find our "hands-on" approach means that you'll have chances to make a difference everywhere you look! Search for a club that matches your personal interests and get contact information from the Center for Student Involvement.

Student Government

Are you a mover and a shaker? As a member of the Associated Students of UC Davis student government, you'll have the chance to help shape our campus and our community. Whether you serve as an elected or an appointed official, you'll find plenty of opportunities to make your voice heard.

Student Clubs

More than 650 student organizations are active at UC Davis, from political action groups to academic support clubs. Make new friends as you explore your personal interests! Dance the night away with the Davis Ballroom Dance Club, or keep your eyes on the sky with the Astronomy Club.

Ethnic and Cultural Organizations

Celebrate your heritage! Over 144 cultural clubs offer you the opportunity to learn more about your own ethnic or national background or to explore others' diverse traditions. These clubs' missions vary from practicing traditional music and dance to promoting academic success. Many offer their members community service and leadership opportunities.

Religious Organizations

For many people, religious beliefs are a vital part of personal identity. The many faith-based organizations active on our campus offer a place to worship in the company of other students. Our religious organizations are some of our most popular student groups, offering a spiritual home to students of every faith. The city of Davis is also home to a wide variety of religious organizations. We encourage you to visit our student-created Davis Wiki to learn more about the many faiths that are represented.

Fraternities and Sororities

With 76 fraternities and sororities active on campus, some 10 percent of UC Davis students choose to participate in the time-honored tradition of Greek life. Our Greek system has a long-standing commitment to community service and student leadership and offers students a way to form friendships with a close group of peers. Many of our Greek organizations have an ethnic or cultural component as well.


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