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With more than 100 majors to choose from at UC Davis, you'll find one that fits your interests. In addition to traditionally defined majors such as English, chemistry and psychology, UC Davis has innovative cross-disciplinary majors such as sustainable environmental design and marine and coastal science.

Not sure what you want to study? As a UC Davis student, you can explore the academic world by taking courses outside your major! Apply to UC Davis as an undeclared or exploratory major and discover what matters to you.

UC Davis Undergraduate Majors

What if I still can't find the major I want?


As the only University of California campus with six professional schools, UC Davis provides a strong foundation for students interested in pre-professional studies, such as pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary medicine. Students interested in pursuing professional degrees in any of these areas should select a major—such as animal sciences, biological sciences or history—that complements their interest. Once on campus, you will work with pre-professional advisers on campus to fulfill professional school requirements while studying what excites you.


Students wishing to prepare for a business career at UC Davis will find what they're looking for in economics, managerial economics or mathematical analytics and operations. Many other majors can prepare you for a graduate degree, as well. We encourage you to think broadly about preparing for a business career!


The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis currently offers Nursing Science and Health Care Leadership master's and doctoral degrees. An accelerated Master’s Entry Program in Nursing is expected to open in the next few years; this degree program offers the quickest route to registered nursing licensure for students who have an undergraduate degree in any discipline. As we recommend for all students interested in the health professions, undergraduates interested in a nursing careers should select a major that complements their interest and work with pre-professional advisers on campus to fulfill professional school requirements.


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