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Animal Science and Management

Animal Science and Management

Animal science and management majors have the benefit of being educated in not only the fields of animal science, but also in marketing, economics, and accounting. You'll be part of one of the largest and most distinguished animal science departments in the world, gaining a strong background in the skills it takes to succeed in today's business world as well as in careers in all aspects of working with animals.

Real World

Animal science and management majors from UC Davis are currently working in agribusiness, banking and financial institutions, the Peace Corps, animal health and biotechnology. This is also an excellent major to consider if you would like to attend medical or graduate school.

Major Requirements

As an animal science and management major, you will begin your journey with courses designed to give you a fundamental knowledge of the natural sciences, such as nutrition, genetics, physiology and behavior. Once you've mastered the sciences, you will have the freedom to focus on the particular animal species that interests you (including horses, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs, goats, fish, crustaceans and others), as well as principles of managerial economics.

Major Adviser

Name: Emma Martinez
Contact: eadmartinez@ucdavis.edu, 530-752-6118


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