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Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry

Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry

Horticulture majors study the ways that plants improve our everyday lives. Plants play many roles in human environments. In addition to beautifying indoor and outdoor areas, they control erosion, reduce energy and water consumption, and revegetate and restore destroyed landscapes.

Real World

Environmental horticulture and urban forestry graduates are working as nursery managers, landscape contractors, arborists, plant breeders, pest control advisers, custom plant propagators and restoration specialists.

Major Requirements

As an environmental horticulture and urban forestry major, you have many field study options. You can specialize in urban landscape management, floriculture/nursery, or plant biodiversity and restoration. Depending on your specialization, you'll receive training in landscape design and managing urban outdoor spaces, greenhouse cultivation or replanting damaged landscapes. In addition to excellent teaching facilities, UC Davis boasts an arboretum, computer-controlled greenhouses, an outdoor nursery and access to nearby restoration projects.

Major Adviser

Name: Lisa Brown
Contact: lfbrown@ucdavis.edu, 530-752-7738


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