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Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

How have plants and animals adapted and changed since the beginning of life on Earth? How do different organisms fit into complex environmental systems? These broad questions are addressed by evolution, ecology and biodiversity, the study of the variance and distribution of living organisms. As an evolution, ecology and biodiversity major at UC Davis, you can choose to pursue an A.B. degree, allowing you greater flexibility to take courses in areas outside your major; or a B.S. degree, providing a more in-depth study of science topics such as biochemistry. Whichever track you choose, you'll have access to resources like the Bodega Marine Laboratory, a study center on California's central coast where you can take courses toward your degree while working alongside visiting marine biologists from around the world.

Real World

Evolution, ecology and biodiversity graduates pursue a wide range of careers and graduate study options. Many A.B. graduates combine their majors with another area of interest such as arts or languages, going on to careers in such areas as education, scientific writing, translating or illustration. B.S. graduates often enter careers in technical fields or pursue graduate study in biology. Graduates from both tracks benefit from their access to undergraduate research opportunities, whether they enter the workforce or graduate school.

Major Requirements

You'll begin your study with foundation courses in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics. At the upper-division level, you'll study advanced general topics in the biological sciences, and you may also choose from such courses as invertebrate zoology, herpetology, paleobotany and evolution of ecological systems. To create a well-rounded program, you'll take at least one course relating to biodiversity and one relating to physiology and functional morphology.

Major Adviser

Name: Mary Aften
Contact: mpaften@ucdavis.edu, 530-752-0410


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