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Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

From plastics used in surgical implants to high-performance ceramics used in the international space station, newly engineered materials play vital roles in modern technology and economy. Materials science and engineering majors study the structure, properties and behavior of materials in order to improve their qualities and adapt them for new uses. Our program provides the background you'll need to work in research, processing and material design.

Real World

Majors in materials science and engineering benefit from the practical nature of the program when seeking employment. Graduates are working in technical positions in industries ranging from automotive safety research to petrochemical refining and semiconductor design.

Major Requirements

You will begin with a rigorous series of courses in mathematics, natural sciences and basic engineering to prepare yourself for more advanced study. At the upper-division level, you may choose to specialize in an area such as aerospace structures, environmental engineering or biomedical engineering. Regardless of your specialization, you will master principles of thermodynamics, laboratory analysis and materials testing. In your senior year, you will be required to complete a capstone course in materials engineering design to integrate your coursework and prepare for the transition to graduate study or the workforce.

Major Adviser

Name: Kate Shasky
Contact: chms-advising@ucdavis.edu, (530) 752-2504


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