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Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

As any scientific field develops, such as engineering, physics, economics, biology or statistics, more sophisticated mathematical models are needed to formulate and solve basic problems. Applied mathematics students learn how to use mathematics to answer questions that are integral to the advancement of knowledge in any of these scientific fields. They then focus their studies on how math relates to topics in a specific science of their choice.

Real World

Mathematics graduates from UC Davis have found careers in operations research, systems analysis, computing, actuarial work, insurance, financial services and education. Others have entered graduate study in mathematics or in such other fields as law, engineering and economics.

Major Requirements

If you are a freshman in the applied mathematics major, you will begin your study with basic preparatory mathematics courses such as calculus (if not completed in high school), linear algebra, as well as computer science and engineering and physical sciences, economics or statistics courses. You will then plan your upper division work with the help of a faculty adviser. The applied mathematics major also requires courses outside of the department in the scientific area of your choice.
 For Transfer Students: all lower-division requirements (equivalent to the first two years of courses) must be completed prior to transferring.


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