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Dramatic Art

Dramatic Art

From the choral performances of ancient Greece to the postmodern dramas of the contemporary stage, people throughout history have used theater and dance to make statements about culture and society. At UC Davis, the program in dramatic art has a special focus on participation, encouraging all students to become familiar with the myriad roles involved in preparing and delivering theatrical productions on the stage. You'll learn the essential techniques of acting, directing, stagecraft or dance as you develop communications skills that will prepare you to succeed in a variety of careers.

Real World

A degree in theater and dance prepares students for a number of career opportunities. Some students are able to move directly into the demanding and competitive world of professional performing arts. Currently, UC Davis alumni are stage managing Broadway plays, acting in Hollywood films, and performing voice-overs for animated movies and TV shows. Other graduates go on to earn MFAs or other advanced degrees and teach performing arts at every educational level.

Major Requirements

As a theatre and dance major, you will learn by doing and assume major responsibilities in departmental productions. You will work in three of the four areas: acting/dance, design, studio (including scenebuilding, costume, lighting, painting, props and sound), and directing/ playwriting/ stage management. You'll also study the history of dramatic art and its role in different cultural contexts.

Major Adviser

Name: Kaelin Souza
Contact: kjsouza@ucdavis.edu, (530) 752-1165


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