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Women's Studies

Women's Studies

Women's studies draws on elements of several disciplines to examine how factors of gender, sexuality, race and class affect society on multiple levels. The program provides a grounding in feminist theory and encourages critical thinking and application of theory to personal situations. The faculty here at Davis is especially diverse, particularly distinguished in cross-cultural studies of gender both within and outside the United States.

Real World

Many graduates go on to work in non-profit (or other) organizations geared to social change where they apply what they've learned in college to real-life problems. Others go on to further study.

Major Requirements

As a women's studies major, you will begin with foundation courses in women's history and feminist theory, as well as coursework on women's cultural contributions in other disciplines. At the upper division, you will tailor your major to your interests with a focus on anthropology, history, literature, sociology/psychology or a special theme of your choice. You will also study women's experiences in varied cultural contexts and gain a strong grounding in feminist theory.

Major Adviser

Name: Naomi Ambriz
Contact: nambriz@ucdavis.edu, (530) 752-6429


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