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Selective major requirements

Yolanda Franklin '14, came to UC Davis as a transfer student, participated in undergraduate research as well as the Chancellor's Blue Ribbon Committee, and hopes to inspire other re-entry students from underrepresented populations who are survivors of hardship and adversity.

As you prepare to transfer to UC Davis, carefully plan your academic program to ensure that you're well prepared for your intended major. Certain majors require you to complete additional coursework and/or earn a higher GPA to be eligible for transfer. These include:

as well as the following majors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: and the following majors in the College of Letters and Science: Beginning fall 2017, Computer Science will become a selective major. Please visit the Department of Computer Science website for additional tips on preparing your transfer into this major.


Additional Comments

  • Landscape Architecture in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences requires that students apply to a pre-major program and complete additional requirements before being admitted into the regular major. Students should apply to Pre-Landscape Architecture.
  • Marine and Coastal Science—a cross-college field of study—is available in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Biological Sciences and College of Letters and Science. Students choosing this major must identify an area of focus in order to select the appropriate major/college pairing on the UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships.


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