Aggie Transfer Scholars Week

Thank you for your interest in Aggie Transfer Scholars Week 2021. Please complete the application below and tell us more about yourself. We will follow up with you on your registration status in the middle of July.

Please answer the following questions:

First Name:

Last Name:

Preferred First Name:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Primary Phone:
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Secondary Phone:
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Current Community College:

   American River College
   Berkeley City College
   Butte College
   City College of San Francisco
   College of Alameda
   College of San Mateo
   Contra Costa College
   Cosumnes River College
   Diablo Valley College
   Folsom Lake College
   Laney Community College
   Los Medanos College
   Merritt College
   Napa Valley College
   Sacramento City College
   San Joaquin Delta College
   San Jose City College
   Santa Rosa Junior College
   Sierra College
   Skyline College
   Solano Community College
   Woodland Community College
   Yuba College

Intended Transfer Term:   Fall 2022   Fall 2023   Other

Intended major:

Are you interested in a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with UC Davis?   Yes   No

U.S. Military Service:

    On active duty
    National Guard member
    Military Dependent
    Discharged veteran no longer serving on active duty or in the Reserve or National Guard
    None of the above

Foster Care:     Check if you have ever been in foster care (e.g. foster home, group home or placed with a relative by the court).

Highest Level of Formal Education by Either Parent:

   No High School
   Some High School
   High School Graduate
   Some College
   2-Year College Graduate
   4-Year College Graduate
   Post Graduate Study

Are you a parent?    Yes


    Trans Female/Trans Woman
    Trans Male/Trans Man
    Genderqueer/Gender Non-Conforming
    Different Identity


    African/African American/Black
    American Indian/Alaskan Native
    East Indian/Pakistani
    Middle Eastern
    Other Asian
    Pacific Islander

Please indicate if you are involved in any of the following programs and services:

   Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP)
   Upward Bound
   Talent Search
   Promise Grant (former BOG Waiver)
   Veteran/Dependent services
   Disabled Students Support Services (DSPS)

Are you particpating in either of these programs?
   AvenueE   Yes   No   Interested
   AvenueB   Yes   No   Interested

Have you visited the UC Davis campus before?  Yes  No

Why do you want to attend Aggie Transfer Scholars Week? (Max 350 Words)

UC Davis is a top public research institution. If you were to do research at UC Davis on any topic, what would it be and what impact could it have? (Max 350 Words)

Have you applied for the Aggie Transfer Scholars Week before?
   Yes, in 2018    Yes, in 2019    Yes, in 2020    No

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